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A mystery series and two Amish novellas…

Marked for Retribution Mysteries, released in U.S. U.K and Canada from Severn House in hardback, paperback and electronic editions


Book One: Hiding in Plain Sight…While working to locate her adopted client’s natural siblings, Kate Weller tries to prove her landlord’s father not guilty of murder before someone who wants her dead tracks her down.

Book Two: Sweet Taste of Revenge…When a wealthy heiress dies suspiciously aboard a yacht, roving PI Kate Weller is sent back to her hometown where she must face her past, including a murderer out for blood.

Book Three:  Island of Last Resorts….Cut off from the outside world on a private island, can a crack team of investigators solve a cold-case murder before a rich madman picks them off one-by-one?


And from KensingtonNothing Tastes So Sweet, an Amish novella, from The Amish Sweet Shop anthology with Laura Bradford and Emma Miller.

Also available….Missing, an Amish mystery novella from the Summer of Suspense Anthology  



Island of Last Resorts  

Once you arrive, there’s no

turning back…

Kate Weller’s boss, Nate Price, has some exciting news: Julian Frazier, a friend of one of his PI agency’s wealthy clients, has invited the Nate Price Investigations team and their partners on a trip of a lifetime to his home on Elysian Island, an exclusive retreat off the Georgian coast. But there’s a catch. Frazier has written his own murder mystery script, and the PIs must work out whodunnit. As they’re about to discover, though, the murder Frazier wants them to solve is a real cold case, and there’s a killer twist that isn’t in the script Unable to reach the island and her coworkers, Kate is sure that someone wants her to stay away. Can she reach Elysian Island and stop a savage killer before a deadly game reaches its conclusion?

  • Retail Price: 14.99
  • Release Date: August 1, 2019
  • Page Count: 224
  • Publisher:  Severn House Publishers
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7278-8934-8

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